Rendering- ID211

Rendering consisted of: weekly sketches, rendering with markers and colored pencils, putting together design boards, using Adobe Photoshop to render floor plans, and completing a final project of four rendered spaces.  
Final Project: Four hand renderings with Prismacolor markers and colored pencils. My work was displayed in the hallways at school.

This was a floor plan I rendered in Adobe Photoshop. I found the textures online and applied shadows and values to the spaces.
Close Ups: Bottom, Center, Top.

We had to chose a magazine image and use it as a reference for a loose hand rendering, final hand rendering, and a Adobe Photoshop render. These each took me about 10-12 hours

Original Magazine Image

Loose Hand Render

Final Hand Render

Adobe Photoshop Rendering done by applying textures shadows and values. *The colors match better on the computer screen.

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