Kitchen and Bath- ID275

This was the toughest project I encountered so far during my time at The Art Institute. The project involved us measuring a clients kitchen from top to bottom and recording everything in and out. Then, we put construction documents (CD's) into AutoCAD. After the basics were done, we built a 3D model of the kitchen. I built up all of the cabinets by using lines. Google Sketch-Up was introduced in the class, so it was new to me. It took me a few weeks to complete the kitchen and the added living space. The kitchen has an open concept to the addition, so I decided to go above and beyond what was due and design the living area as well. It is my parent's kitchen design and they were my client's for this project.


Bath was a partner project. Kamil and I collaborated on this design and came up with a modern, Asian inspired bathroom. The program of the project: Elders who want an ADA accessible bathroom, built-in jet tub, private toilet area, and his and hers sinks. We carefully chose the materials and collaborated on the layout. For this project both AutoCAD construction drawings and Google Sketch-Up models were required. The blank space was left for our materials which we entered in digitally at the end.  

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