Interior Design Senior Seminar- ID412

This class is considered "Thesis 2." Thesis 1, or Ethics and Programming, is the first stage of this project. It's where we spend an entire 11 weeks researching and putting together a 70-100 page PowerPoint presentation.The two part course is taken over two quarters. This was the Design Development Phase of the project. I started out with the idea of doing a continuing educational facility for kids with Down Syndrome. My sister has downs and she really inspires me everyday. After high school they really have no place to go to continue learning. Many kids won't go onto a normal college and won't graduate with a degree like everyone else.
We had to come up with a facility that was at least 8,000 square feet and contributed to a Millennium Development Goal. We also had to produce an entire set of construction documents and a process book to go with the two boards. I was inspired by a cooking class at Harper College in Palatine, IL as well as Access Living in Chicago, IL. Both places gave me in site as to what I wanted to accomplish with this project. ADA accessibility, green design, a place to hold Special Olympics events, and a place where people from the community can be involved. So far, I have not seen a place like the one I designed and I hope one day I can build something just like this facility in my sister's honor.

Floor Plan & Concept Sketches: Board 1

Furniture, Fixtures & Materials: Board 2

Sky Learning Facility Logo

Design Development Commercial- ID324

This class gave us a chance to explore our creativity. We designed a graphics design firm within a two tenant floor. The name of my firm is Wikid Grafx. They design for high end clients and want to portray a professional, yet fun and productive atmosphere. Our class competed for a BOMA certification. I was one of a few students to win the "Most Efficient Space Planner" award. It is something that I am proud of and my project is now displayed in a display case at my school.
*We also had to produce an entire set of construction documents as well as a process book for this class.

Furniture Study- Herman Miller

Chair Study- Steelcase

Floor Plan in AutoCAD & Photoshop: Board 1

Materials Board: Board 2

Firm Logo

Break Room in Google SketchUp

Conference Room in Google SketchUp

Reception in Google SketchUp

My Work on Display in a Glass Case at School

"Most Efficient Space Planner Award" SP2011

Design Development Residential- ID303

This class introduced us to a client base. The Hunter family includes mother Jenna, father in law Alan, daughter Lindsey, and son Peter. Each member of the family had their own needs, including Alan. We were given their existing space plan and had to rearrange it to make it ADA accessible.

Me & Two Other Group Members Built the House Out of Balsa Wood, Foam Core, Toothpicks & Vellum

Cover Page

Client Profile & Concept Statement

Hand Rendered Floor Plan of The First Floor

Hand Rendered Floor Plan of The Second Floor

AutoCAD & Photoshop Rendering of Kitchen on First Floor

AutoCAD and Photoshop Rendering of Jenna's Master Bedroom on First Floor

AutoCAD and Photoshop Rendering of Great Room on First Floor

AutoCAD and Photoshop Rendering of The Study/Lounge Area on Second Floor