Design Development Commercial- ID324

This class gave us a chance to explore our creativity. We designed a graphics design firm within a two tenant floor. The name of my firm is Wikid Grafx. They design for high end clients and want to portray a professional, yet fun and productive atmosphere. Our class competed for a BOMA certification. I was one of a few students to win the "Most Efficient Space Planner" award. It is something that I am proud of and my project is now displayed in a display case at my school.
*We also had to produce an entire set of construction documents as well as a process book for this class.

Furniture Study- Herman Miller

Chair Study- Steelcase

Floor Plan in AutoCAD & Photoshop: Board 1

Materials Board: Board 2

Firm Logo

Break Room in Google SketchUp

Conference Room in Google SketchUp

Reception in Google SketchUp

My Work on Display in a Glass Case at School

"Most Efficient Space Planner Award" SP2011

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